"It Will Take You Places": Auto Driver Wows With Fluent English In Viral Video


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"It Will Take You Places": Auto Driver Wows With Fluent English In Viral VideoForget the stereotype that only educated professionals speak English fluently! An auto-driver from Maharashtra has gone viral for his impressive English skills. The elderly gentleman in a now-famous video chats effortlessly with his passenger, even advocating for the importance of learning English to open doors to new opportunities.

The video, captured in Amravati, Maharashtra, was shared by an Instagram user named Bhushan, who was impressed by the driver's fluency. "Even I was stunned and stuttered a bit while speaking to him to my surprise seeing his fluency in English," he wrote in the caption. In another text on the video, Bhushan shared that the auto-driver was trying to educate people to learn interesting languages.

See the video here:

The taxi driver mentioned that learning English enables you to visit exciting destinations like London and Paris. He emphasized that you can communicate with people there, saying, "That's why learning English is crucial-it's a global language." Before parting ways, he had a brief chat with Bhushan.

The video, which was posted in June, has gained significant popularity online!

A user commented, "He sounds like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam," while another wrote, "His English is much better than mine after 16 years of education."

"I hope this reel reaches to the right person and uncle gets recognition," the third user hoped.

A user shared details about the auto driver's family and commented, "Meet Yadav uncle. Their auto rickshaw has been in front of our house for many years, so we have known them. From good morning to good evening to good evening to everyone they speak in English. Gone through so much struggle. Indeed a gentleman, hardworking, kind, friendly, fun person."