Bengaluru School's Mail To Panicking Parents After "Unexpected" Bomb Threat


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Bengaluru School's Mail To Panicking Parents After "Unexpected" Bomb ThreatAt least 44 schools in Bengaluru received a bomb threat email today morning, triggering panic among students, staff, and parents. Police started searches on the premises as soon as they were alerted. Bomb disposal is at the site, but no suspicious objects have been found yet in any of the schools.

As soon as parents found out about the bomb threat, they rushed to the school in panic to get their children back home safely.

One of the schools, Neev Academy in Bellandur, sent a mail to the parents informing them parents of the "unexpected situation".

"We are encountering an unexpected situation at school today. The school has received a security threat from unknown sources. As we hold the safety of our children at utmost priority, we have decided to disperse the students immediately," Neev Academy wrote in the mail to parents.

The school also urged parents to stay calm and not ambush them with calls. "Please do not panic or ambush the school with calls while all lines are manned and working, there is only so much that can be responded to at a time like this," the letter read.

"Let us keep together and keep things as calm as we can. The staff will take care of the students till every child reaches home safely," it added.

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Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar visited one of the schools near his residence which received the bomb threat.

"I was a bit dismayed after seeing the news on TV, as some schools I know and the one near my house were also mentioned. So I went out to check. The police have shown me the mail. Prima facie, it appears to be fake (hoax). I spoke to the police. But we should be cautious. Parents are a bit worried, no need to worry. Police are looking into it," he said.

Last year, several Bengaluru schools received a bomb threat, which later turned out to be a hoax message.