Bizarre Translation Of Station's Name Shocks Internet


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Bizarre Translation Of Station's Name Shocks InternetThe Indian Railways is getting slammed on social media after a picture of a board on the Hatia-Ernakulam Express showed the name "Hatia" translated as "Kolapathakam" (murderer) in Malayalam surfaced. The photo of the board went viral on the internet, prompting widespread criticism.

The Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr DCM) of Ranchi Division told Business Today that the mistake occurred due to confusion with the Hindi word "Hatya", which means "murder". He confirmed that the incorrect nameplate was rectified promptly after the mistake was highlighted.

Passengers were understandably alarmed when they saw the new name displayed on station boards and tickets. Facing ridicule online, railway authorities swiftly covered up the incorrect Malayalam translation with yellow paint.

An X user posted a photo of the board with the caption, "Shhhh, nobody tell them".

The Hatia-Ernakulam Express connects the cities of Hatia in Ranchi and Ernakulam weekly.

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Shhhh, nobody tell them. ?

— Cow Momma (@Cow__Momma) April 11, 2024

A user commented, "Too much dependence on Google Translate".

Another user wrote, "Must have Google translated 'Hatya'"

The third user remarked, "Lost in translation (literally)".

Meanwhile, a video circulating online has captured the frustrations of many train passengers in India. The clip shows a woman on the 22969 OKHA BSBS Super Fast Express (Okha to Banaras) train expressing her concerns about overcrowding to a Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE).

In the video, the woman expresses her concern for safety and the lack of personal space due to the excessive number of passengers. She questions the TTE about how women can feel secure in such conditions.