Daring Rescue Saves Venomous Snake Trapped In Energy Drink Can


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Daring Rescue Saves Venomous Snake Trapped In Energy Drink CanAs summer approaches, a Tasmanian snake catcher is delivering a crucial message: Crush your cans. After a daring rescue operation involving a venomous lowland copperhead snake trapped in a Rockstar energy drink can, Australian snake catcher Olivia Dykstra issued this crucial message. Highlighting the incident on Facebook through compelling photos, Ms Dykstra urged the public to crush their cans before disposal.

"Every bloody year! Please don't be a tosser and squash your cans before you throw them out!" she wrote on Facebook.

Each year, the snake catcher responds to distress calls involving snakes entangled in discarded cans. The plea emphasizes the significance of proactive measures in waste disposal, particularly during the warmer months when snake activity peaks. By flattening cans before disposal, residents can mitigate the risk of snakes getting ensnared, ensuring both human and reptilian safety.

Incidents of snakes getting caught in cans are unfortunately quite common in Australia, particularly during warmer months when snakes are more active. These incidents can be distressing for both the snakes and the people who find them.

There are a few reasons why snakes might get caught in cans. One reason is that they are attracted to the smell of the food or drink that was in the can. Another reason is that they are looking for shelter, and they may mistake a can for a safe place to hide.

Once a snake gets its head caught in a can, it is very difficult for it to get out. The can can cut into the snake's skin, and the snake may struggle for hours or even days until it dies from exhaustion or dehydration.