Man Finds Snake Hiding In Bike's Helmet, Video Goes Viral


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Man Finds Snake Hiding In Bike's Helmet, Video Goes ViralSnakes are one of the scariest reptiles that exist on the planet. However, their unique and amazing abilities often make them fascinating creatures. They are also masters of disguise and possess a special ability to confuse predators with their tactics. Recently, a man discovered a snake in his bike's helmet. The video of the same is going viral on the internet.

The short clip was shared by user Dev Shrestha on Instagram. A snake can be seen inside the helmet. Initially, it is difficult to notice the reptile as its colour and pattern match the interiors of the gear. The helmet is placed on the ground in the video, and a snake can be seen peering out. It is coiled in an upright position and appears prepared to attack if it were to get too close.

The video was shared on November 1 and since then it has amassed over 43,000 likes and 4.2 million views on the platform.

While the incident may be alarming for many, it isn't happening for the first time. A few days back, a man in Kerala narrowly avoided a venomous snake bite when he discovered a small cobra inside his two-wheeler helmet. Sojan, who is a native of Thrissur, had placed his helmet on the platform beside his parked scooter at his workplace. Later in the evening, as he was preparing to leave and retrieve his vehicle, he noticed something entering his helmet. It felt like a snake," Sojan said. He promptly alerted the forest department about the presence of the reptile, and a snake volunteer named Lijo arrived at the location.

It is always advisable to be cautious while handling objects or areas that enclose cold, dark spaces such as footwear, toilets, and even kitchen cabinets during the rainy season.

A few months ago, another chilling video went viral on the internet that showed a small cobra holed up inside a shoe. In the video clip, uploaded on X, a baby cobra was seeking refuge in a woman's shoe. The cobra was seen raising its hood from the shoe, hissing, and even lunging at the person recording the video.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer Susanta Nanda shared the short clip on X. ''Cobra trying a new footwear. Jokes apart, as the monsoon is coming to a close, please be extra careful,'' he wrote while sharing the video. The details of this incident are unknown.