"No One Plays With Me": 4-Year-Old Boy's Tearful Confession Goes Viral


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"No One Plays With Me": 4-Year-Old Boy's Tearful Confession Goes ViralA video of a four-year-old boy from South Korea is going viral on social media. He was answering some questions about his parents on reality show named 'My Golden Kids' in the clip that has surfaced online. The show features a panel of experts who help parents facing difficulties in raising their children. In the clip, the show's anchor asks Song Eo Jun about his parents. He replies, "I don't know. I'm alone at home, no one plays with me."

The video shows Song playing alone in his room with his toys.

This video broke me into pieces multiple times ?????

When he tried to hold his tears ???? pic.twitter.com/DHBGJBhGhv

— Anita Vams (@a__vanita) November 21, 2023

When asked about his father, the boy described him as "scary" when angry. The four-year-old also said he expects his father to talk to him in a gentle tone.

As the conversation moved forward, the host asked the boy about his mother. "I think she does not like me," the boy said, trying very hard to control his tears. But he finally broke down.

The poignant clip ended with Song expressing his desire for his mother to spend more time with him.

The clip also shows Song's mother listening to his heartbreaking confession and broke down in tears.

The boy's revelations moved users on social media and many of them said they feel like hugging him right now.

"His way of talking, his maturity is a sign that he is trying so hard to understand why his parents don't like him and that's breaking my heart," commented one user.

"It breaks my heart to see a little baby asking for a minute because he's so sad talking about how his mother doesn't like him and his father is scary," commented another.

The full video uploaded on YouTube showed the challenges faced by Song's parents in raising him, while managing very demanding schedules. He also has a six-month-old sister.

Towards the end of episode, the parents promised to spend quality time with their son.