Ram Navami 2024: What Is The Importance Of This Day?


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Ram Navami 2024: What Is The Importance Of This Day?Ram Navami is a significant festival celebrated with fervour and devotion by millions of Hindus worldwide. This auspicious occasion commemorates the birth of Lord Rama, believed to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and is revered as the epitome of righteousness, virtue, and compassion. Ram Navami is celebrated on the ninth day if Chaitra Navaratri, according to Hindu calendar, which usually falls in the months of March and April. IN 2024, Ram Navami will be celebrated on April 17.

Importance of Ram Navami

First and foremost, Ram Navami serves as a reminder of the eternal principles of dharma (righteousness) and the victory of good over evil. Lord Rama's life exemplifies the ideals of duty, honour and sacrifice, inspiring devotees to uphold moral values and lead a life of righteousness.

It also marks the end of the nine-day Chaitra Navratri festival.

How people celebrate Ram Navami?

The Ramayana, the epic saga about Lord Rama's life, is recited on Ram Navami. Many people also keep a day-long fast to show their devotion to Lord Ram.

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Ram Navami fosters unity and harmony among communities, transcending barriers of caste, creed and nationality. Devotees from diverse backgrounds come together to worship Lord Rama, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect.

Devotees also perform special prayers and chant hymns in praise of Lord Rama on Ram Navami. Many visit temples dedicated to Lord Rama, offer prayers and seek his divine intervention for prosperity, success, and protection from adversity. Newly-inaugurated Ram temple in Ayodhya is expected to be one of the top destinations for devotees.

The teachings of Lord Rama, such as compassion, forgiveness, and selflessness, serve as guiding principles for leading a virtuous and fulfilling life. Ram Navami provides an opportune moment for devotees to reflect on these teachings and strive to emulate them in their daily lives.